Is that nagging doubt of non-compliance getting too much to bear?

In December 2019 the UK's first SME was issued with a £275,000 GDPR fine, proving new legislation isn't just for the "big boys" after all.

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We'll lay it out in black & white

The threat of enforcement action and a fine of up to ~£17 million or 4% of global turnover (whichever is the greater) should be enough to keep you awake at night, but if it isn't, there's more.

In 2020, breaches are a reputational issue that could see you lose key contracts and revenue. Where negligence is serious enough, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) can get Directors disqualified and banned from processing personal information altogether. Certain offences are deemed criminal and could see you in court and issued with a personal fine.

You can’t insure your business against the fines. You can’t protect your reputation after the event.  The only way forward is to comply.

The question you should now be asking is

“What’s the most effective, affordable way for us to achieve compliance?”

DIY-ing GDPR compliance may seem unthinkable to you but please, hear us out.

By taking on most of the legwork you can

  • Save £000s every year on consultants and external training
  • Deepen your team's understanding of the GDPR
  • Better identify and manage data protection risks

...and when compliance is implemented pragmatically it can

  • Enhance your Company's reputation
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Streamline operations and achieve efficiency savings

...but your team need to be fully engaged in the process.

We know you can do it
(with the right tools and support)

OnTrack GDPR is a toolbox for DIY compliance.

OnTrack Web App

Data Register | Data Processor Compliance | Data Breach Log | Policy Framework | Data Retention Schedule | Task Management

Templates & Tool-kits

Data Protection Policy | Data Breach Procedure | Data Retention Policy | CCTV Toolkit | Risk Management Tools

GDPR Helpdesk

Our GDPR practitioners can help with anything from using our System, to completing forms, or offering support in the event of a breach.

Instantly your team will be able to start:

  • Documenting company processing and making it lawful
  • Better managing supply chain compliance
  • Creating and embedding effective policies and procedures
  • Managing and recording data breaches
  • Documenting retention periods for company records
  • Managing compliance tasks and documents from the App
  • Accessing support and guidance from our GDPR Helpdesk

All for an affordable monthly fee, no onerous contracts and with fully predictable billing.

standard subscription

£249 per calendar month

  • 2 x software licences
  • Template documents
  • Compliance toolkits
  • 2 hours GDPR Helpdesk support
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    Additional info

    • Free GDPR consultation and getting started support available
    • Additional software licences can be bought for £35 pcm
    • Additional GDPR Helpdesk hours can be bought for £60 per hour or £400 per day
    • Helpdesk support will be provided by IBITGQ accredited GDPR practitioners when required.

    If you need help with GDPR compliance, please email our GDPR Helpdesk.
    It really doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice or an experienced compliance officer, we will be able to help get your compliance efforts on track.

    Email OnTrack Helpdesk

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